Use It: Important Tricks On Arknights Application On Android You Didn’t Know Yet (Updated).

His Second Skill doesn’t last too long, and all enemies should be dead by the time he needs to shoot as far as possible to hit more incoming enemies. the talent pretty much is ineffective unless you build a team around it. Alone, it won’t do anything, not even for sesa who outside of s2, will be attacking via ranged attacks anyways, causing no actual dps gain. It also means all your ranged units don’t receive benefits as most of the time, they will be attacking unblocked enemies. This dps increase needs to be utilised by others in the party or else it’s pointless. Without it, he won’t ever keep up with meteorite’s dps and even talent-wise, both meteorite and shira have a more effective/consistent dps-talent.

But the problem arises with the fact that unlike most CC maps, which have contracts to buff one or two important enemies, all of the Sarkaz enemies have their own contracts. Buff the Bladeweavers, and you’ll face melee Arts units with colossal HP/DEF, enhanced ASPD, and much faster movement on top of them running at you sooner. Buff the Lancers, and they’ll run you down faster before instantly killing the first thing they hit with their enhanced speed-to-damage conversion. Buff the Sentinels, and their enhanced speed will make it harder to avoid hitting them while making their global ATK/DEF buff massively increased when you do hit them. But worst of all are the Grudgebearer contracts, which significantly buff their HP and ATK while giving them up to 70% RES penetration. Individually, all of these are a handful, but if you want to achieve high risk runs, you’re going to have to take all of these at the same time.

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Her new skill is Vitality Restoration – Wide Range which turns her ST healing into an AoE healing. These will be the majority of your operators and what you will find the most. If you need any operator to fill a role like Vanguard, Medic, or Sniper and don’t have a suitable one that you like, consider using the 3 ★ operators. Arknights have a lot of options when it comes to operators and it can be overwhelming sometimes to choose who to promote and level. This guide will let you know about the 4 and 5 ★ operators that are exponentially better when promoted and leveled.

  • The Crown of Sagehood is required—in addition to weekly-boss drops—to max out a talent level.
  • When My APK Mobi it comes to playing Arknights on the PC, check out BlueStacks.
  • We can never be certain a collaboration event will return in the future though.
  • It is quite tempting to deploy all of your high star characters that you might possibly get, but don’t fall for this trap.
  • We will also discuss some characters that will be useful additions to the team early on and those that are great late game.
  • The game was initially released in China on April 30th, 2019, then later published globally in English on January 16, 2020 for both Android and iOS.

She can be a Single-Target or AoE damage dealer depending on the skill she is currently using. Her first skill is Arcane Staff-Quick Charge Mode and it increases her ATK by up to 110%. Her third skill Arcane Staff- Anti-Gravity Mode is unlocked on Elite 2 and it expands her range by 1 cell in all directions, increases her ATK by up to 150%, and allows her to attack 5 enemies simultaneously.

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You need the patience to collect diamonds to get a better card and increase your deck strength. The best of all, this game has many events and a reward system that gives you diamonds. For example, you can get at least 465 diamonds from the daily reward system. If you join a strong guild and get a better position in the guild war event, you get extra diamonds as well. You can play 01 and CRICKET for battles, COUNT-UP for a practice and a bunch of party games which is enjoyable up to 4 people. I’d figured out how to do rerolls eventually, but I didn’t know you could quit out of 0-1 and skip a bunch of those starter missions.

Using skills in combat is just as important as positioning and other strategic elements, but as enemy units grow stronger, an operator’s default skill becomes less impactful. Since these abilities are essential for perfect victories, you’ll have to upgrade them as much as possible while leveling up your characters. In the case of Exusiai, for example, a promotion to Elite level 1 increases the character’s attributes, unlocks a new skill, activates a new talent, and increases her range.



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