The codebook for the larger research had been based significantly regarding the factors manufactured by Kunkel

The codebook for the larger research had been based significantly regarding the factors manufactured by Kunkel

Only a few material which was taped had been coded. As our focus had been on scripted programming, we excluded day-to-day news broadcasts, game shows, sports programs and occasions, and paid development, in Cams Love Holics Com addition to all kinds of commercials as well as other promotions ( e.g., teasers for community programs). Although music videos were taped, these were coded and analyzed individually for their unique characteristics and they are perhaps perhaps not reported right right here. The analyses provided in this paper, nonetheless, do through the video that is nonmusic from cable music activity channels including talk programs, variety/comedy shows, and truth programs. In addition, implies that had been incomplete since they started before 3:00 p.m. or ended after 11:00 p.m. are not coded. Finally, episode repeats had been eradicated through the sample.

The sample that is final the 2001 2002 period contains 1,276 unique program episodes, whereas the last test when it comes to 2002 2003 period included 1,439 unique system episodes. The test when it comes to second content analysis had been notably bigger than the initial 12 months’s test once we produced concerted work in 12 months 2 to make sure that we had three episodes of each and every nonsyndicated series. Despite strict adherence into the sampling plan, extra taping ended up being needed whenever, for instance, brand new programs joined the autumn lineup following the start of year to replace for cancelled programs or as soon as the time and time slot for a string ended up being changed.


The codebook for the bigger research had been based substantially in the factors produced by Kunkel and peers (1999, 2001, 2003) inside their content analyses conducted when it comes to Kaiser Family Foundation. We created extra products, including those on exact same intercourse sexual behavior and sexual talk associated with nonheterosexuals. Contrary to Kunkel and peers, whom utilized the scene whilst the unit that is primary of, our content analyses involved coding for intimate content in 2 moment periods of program time. Because scenes vary quite a bit in total and, therefore, try not to provide a consistent product of measure to make evaluations across programs, we used a typical coding device according to time. Coding news development in designated time periods has been utilized usually by other scientists conducting analyses that are content different system genres including films, detergent operas, and music videos (Hazan, Lipton, & Glantz, 1994; Lowery, 1980; Roberts, Christenson, Henriksen, & Bandy, 2002; Roberts, Henriksen, & Christenson, 1999; Sommers Flanagan, Sommers Flanagan, & Davis, 1993; Stockwell & Glantz, 1997; Terre, Drabman, & Speer, 1991).

For purposes for this content analysis, sex was understood to be any depiction of sexual intercourse, sexually suggestive behavior, or any speak about sex or activity that is sexual. To be conservative and prevent overcoding content that is sexual communications about intercourse were differentiated from nonsexual communications linked to relationship and relationships, that have been maybe not coded. For instance, a declaration such as “Everyone loves my boyfriend” wouldn’t be coded whereas a statement such as “I made want to my boyfriend” will be coded.

exact Same intercourse intimate behavior

Every 2 moment period that were coded as containing one or more types of sexual intercourse monitored in the primary coding task flirting, kissing, intimate touching, intercourse suggested, sexual activity depicted, as well as other intimate behavior 2 has also been evaluated when it comes to existence of exact same sex behavior that is sexual. With this product, programmers utilized a yes/no response format to point whether some of the sexual behavior depicted when you look at the period took place between a couple regarding the exact same intercourse.

Mention nonheterosexual issues that are sexual

Each 2 minute period that was indeed coded as containing one or more instance of talk through the intimate talk groups found in the primary coding task ( ag e.g., feedback about own/others’ intimate actions or passions, speak about sexual activity who has currently occurred, speak about sex crimes) was additionally coded for whether some of the intimate talk linked to nonheterosexuals. Because of this product, programmers once once again utilized a yes/no response format to point whether some of the intimate talk reflected the intimate passions or issues of nonheterosexual individuals. Usually, such feedback pertaining to gays and lesbians, although sporadically these people were connected with bisexuals.



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