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In The Legend of Korra the appropriately named Ginger is a beautiful pink headed actress whose used as Damsel in Distress propaganda In-Universe by Varrick. Bolin plays her Love Interest Nuktuk and becomes drawn to out of character, Ginger doesn’t return his affection at first however warms as much as Bolin and even gives him a Big Damn Kiss at one point. A sort of inversion in Kim Possible, the place the title hero is the redhead and her main passion com review Love Interest is her finest good friend/sidekick, the blonde Ron Stoppable. One portion of the Disney short Inner Workings involves Paul falling for a cuvy redheaded sun shades vendor. His brain nonetheless as soon as once more makes him go to work instead of speaking to her. After Paul’s brain learns that All Work is unhealthy, Paul begins unwinding.

A Time When Nazis Planned To Bomb Britain

One episode of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends options Mac, Bloo, a Prince Charming good friend, and a pizza boy all falling for the pink-headed Frankie, along with her personal date. Another episode featured two nerdy guys falling for her as nicely.

In StarCraft, Jim Raynor wished Sarah Kerrigan, who was a redhead pre-infestation. One of the romance choices for Shepard in Mass Effect 2 is Yeoman Kelly Chambers, your green-eyed redheaded personal assistant. As is the default female Shepard, to additional float your boat. In the original The Legend of Zelda I, the sprite and art work of Princess Zelda are shown with red/brown hair.

Our High 10 Favorite Gingers

There, she was much more of a redhead than she’s ever been in any other media sequence up until then. In the Peanuts animated specials, Charlie Brown’s crush is a little redheaded girl. Not to say the Princess of the Amazons in a difficulty of the spinoff comedian. Plus, if individuals with orange hair rely, Triplicate Girl is that this to Bouncing Boy, or so it’s implied. In the Legion of Super-Heroes, Alexis is a one time love-curiosity of Superman’s, although considerably ruined by her Heel Face Turn.

All-round sweetheart Nino has lots of romantic construct-up with redheaded Jaffar. While Jerk Jock Brett has a Betty and Veronica with a blonde and brunette in 13, our hero Evan is making an attempt so far cute redhead Patrice. In Tanz Der Vampire Alfred is fascinated and smitten with the redheaded Magda — till he sees Sarah. However, in several productions Sarah is redheaded, thus taking part in this completely straight. Hmm, the record of redheaded Lita’s suitors – Dean Malenko, Matt Hardy, Kane, and Edge. Two of those, Hardy and Adam “Edge” Copeland, have been in Real Life as nicely.

Many Redheads Have Influenced The Course Of Historical Past Through The Years

In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Dr. McNinja’s old girlfriend, Hortense, is a redhead. Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club averted this trope since you possibly can’t romance the only redhead in the recreation, Mai. In Stardew Valley, The player can romance two redhead bachelorettes, Leah and Penny.

Of all of Spider-Man’s romantic pursuits from the Comic Books, Gottlieb’s The Amazing Spider-Man pinball solely options redheaded Mary Jane. He has additionally been drawn to the red-haired Ros. Inverted with the pink-haired Melisandre, who unsuccessfully tried to seduce him. In “Amy’s Choice”, this trope is particularly referenced when the Dream Lord mockingly says “Loves a redhead, our naughty Doctor.” And of course good old wacky Eleven himself, who has undying love for his ginger Amelia Pond. Over the course of the first Time Scout guide, Malcolm Moore falls for redheaded Margo Smith. Why limit the “purple issues growing out of the girl’s head” to hair?

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The title character of Richard III within the 21st Century falls for redheaded Sarah Levine. She’s destined to be the hero’s One True Love — since he is the male Penultimate. In the Iremonger Series Clod Iremonger falls in love with purple-haired Lucy Pennant, despite her being a servant and him already being engaged to someone else. All of the princesses of A Brother’s Price are noted to have hair of “the royal red”. has the protagonist Jake pursuing a cute redhead called Beverly. As Jake is on a baseball scholarship, he suits a number of the ‘hero’ qualifications.

The ending reveals that Paul and the lady ended up together and had two kids. The wife Jane is a redhead; ironically George is one too. Also, when they encounter variations of themselves from an alternate universe , the alternate Leela and Fry are married, and the alternate Leela is a redhead.

Mac continues to have a long time Precocious Crush on her throughout the series. On Clone High, Abe spent most of his time in love with black-haired Cleopatra, but, within the last episode, realized he was in love with magenta-haired Joan of Arc. Blonde bard Elan is courting redhead thief Haley in The Order of the Stick. In Looking for Group, the heroic Cale falls for the recent redheaded troll Benny. Chel, from Alien Dice, is the heroine of the story and Lexx’s love curiosity. True to the trope, Chel is fiery and unbiased, and it’s her stubborn nature which brings them together and prompts Lexx to fall in love together with her.



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